Time for inclusive planning

Life in the waters of Howe Sound is rebounding after decades of harm from industrial activity. Prudent planning can support life and communities.

Time for inclusive planning

Howe Sound is a unique ecosystem, home to a diversity of terrestrial and aquatic species and habitats. It is also home to many coastal communities and the gateway to the Sea to Sky corridor. It is an area of expanding economic development, an internationally recognized hotspot for recreation and tourism, and a place rich in cultural and spiritual values.

In recent years, local organizations, First Nations, community leaders, researchers and members of the public have been calling for the development of a coordinated, comprehensive management plan for the lands and waters of Howe Sound.

These collective voices have suggested that this management plan should:

  • be stakeholder-driven, science-based, sustainable, and involve all key players
  • partner with First Nations
  • involve industry, all levels of government, and local community groups, and
  • address both land and marine environments, cultural and social factors, as well as economic development

We seek to balance economic health, environmental health and social well-being, in part through comprehensive planning for Howe Sound.